Short Stories Writing Techniques

How to Create the Perfect Short Story

As a young writer, I envied people who could write short stories. I followed all the formulas, filled out all the character sheets, and watched another writer win the contest. So I told myself that I couldn’t write short stories, that novel-length works were more my style. Boy, was I wrong. The short story is […]

Characters Writing Techniques

No More Wimps: How To Make Your Characters Fight Back

It goes without saying– no matter what medium you’re working in, you want your audience to connect with your characters. It can be hard to make sure the readers care about your main character. You want them to see your character’s tragic past, to sympathize with their pain, and start rooting for them. So all […]

Writing Techniques

3 Ways to Find the Perfect Words for Your Story: Verb Edition!

Every book, short story, or script relies on good word choice. When you’re trying to tell a story, sometimes the hardest thing to do is deciding which word to use. Verbs hold all your story’s action, so what better place to start? As a young writer, I knew how to put words together, and I […]