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#WritingCommunity Blog Award

Hello everyone, Today we have a slightly different post than usual, because I am starting a blog award! *insert confetti here* If you don’t know how blog awards work, the rules are simple. Display the award logo on your site Link back to the person who tagged you Answer 5 questions Tag 3 blogs (must […]

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The Beginner’s Guide to Worldbuilding (Guest Post)

Hello everyone! Today’s post comes from my friend, Julia Witmer. Make sure to check out her bio at the bottom of the page. Enjoy! Worldbuilding is, undoubtedly, an integral part of any story. Whether the story takes place in Arkansas or Narnia, readers want a world that’s well developed, unique, enticing, and easily understandable. Without […]

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Don’t Feel Like Writing? Here’s How to Get Out of a Creativity Slump Fast

Are you tired of writing? Let’s talk about some ways to rediscover your love for the written word.