5 Cliches in Romance / Romantic Comedy that Need to Stop

This post has been a long time in the making, but it’s finally here.

Hi guys,

Sorry I missed putting up a new post last Monday. I’m currently in the middle of midterms, so I’m thinking to change my posting schedule to every other week. If I have time, I’ll try to share a new post this weekend.

This post came out a week ago, but for whatever reason, it turned itself back into a draft. I’m publishing it again, so you can see it!


This post has been a long time in the making, but it’s finally here.

On Saturday, my dorm friends and I sat down to watch a movie, and we ended up watching “Falling Inn Love.”

Of course, it was cheesy, and we could predict the ending by the title alone. But it was still cute in its own right.

And this time, I wasn’t the only one making fun of the cliches. I had a whole group of girls to back me up.

(At this point, if you read my blog, you should know: don’t watch movies with me, unless you’re okay with my remarks about cliches and predictability.)

So in honor of “Falling Inn Love,” I have decided, it is time.

(Image courtesy of Tenor)

Here are 5 cliches in Rom-Coms that need to stop.

1. First Kiss Scenes

We see a lovely beach, or the top of a mountain, or a scene where the characters spend ten minutes gazing into each other’s eyes…

We know what’s about to happen.

There’s nothing wrong with romance, especially in a Romance or Rom Com. But somebody needs to shake things up.

(Image courtesy of Pexels)

Not every first kiss is going to be perfect or sexy or during vacation in the Bahamas.

Make it funny, or awkward, or unexpected. I will ship the characters much more if their first kiss is truly spur- of- the- moment.

2. The Perfect (and probably Blond) Guy

This man is perfect. He has skills, he has money, and he’s probably blond with a super sexy accent.

Also, this man seems to pop up at the most convenient time, and fall instantly in love.

He might be the first friendly face the heroine sees in a new situation (job, new house, etc.).

In fact, chances are, this guy is the first good looking guy that the heroine has ever met.

(Image courtesy of Tenor)

How about giving us a guy who is short and anything other than blond? Also, maybe have the girl pursue the guy for a change.

3. She’s Rude to Her Soulmate

I know, this genre is usually written for women. We like the idea that we can have a perfect happily ever after ending.

But that’s no excuse for the heroine to be a jerk.

(Image courtesy of Tenor)

Everybody’s human, but still. Most guys won’t keep coming back if you keep being rude to them. Especially if you’re not an official couple.

Guys are people too.

I need more stories where the girl isn’t rude to a man she barely knows. Anybody else with me on this?

4. The Deadline

(Image courtesy of Pexels)

Now the heroine has found true love, the couple has kissed, but oh no! They must make up their minds before time runs out forever!

Sometimes I can’t help but wonder— if this is true love, why do they need to rush things?

Also, some rom-coms made in the last fifteen years don’t even act like social media exists.

Come on, guys. Not every couple has to get married in a week.

(And if you know of any good Rom Coms where the soulmates don’t get engaged in the first week, please let me know.)

5. Just Talk

(Image courtesy of Pexels)

99% of Romantic Comedy movies would be solved if the characters just had an honest conversation.

You know I’m right.

If you’re writing a romance or a rom-com, the plot should be stronger than this. If the story would solve itself with a five minute conversation, there needs to be more external conflict in your story.

Sure, a lack of communication might be realistic, but it’s easy to laugh at. To fix this, just add some external stakes. Easy as that.

There you go, 5 cliches in Romance/Rom Com that need to stop.

Thanks for reading,, and let me know in the comments which genre I should do next!

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